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Provident Counseling Prepares for Possible Call Increase after 'Suicide Song'

August 03, 2018 - 7:48 am

ST. LOUIS (KMOX) - When Logic performs his so-called ‘suicide song’ at the Hollywood amphitheater tonight, those who man the crisis phone lines at Provident Counseling will be prepared for a possible spike in calls.  

Manager on Duty and counselor Jessica Vance says it's not just people who have obvious personal, emotional or financial issues that may be suicidal.

“Especially people who make a lot of jokes, if anyone ever makes a joke about suicide it’s usually an indicator that they may be struggling with thoughts of suicide. So often people that are struggling with thoughts of suicide may be really good actors and are really good at convincing people that they would never be that person and it could never be them, but it can definitely be them,” she says.

Local resident Lanora lost her son to suicide three years ago. He had stopped taking his medication for bipolar disorder four years before he took his life.  She gave her advice to parents. 

“You need to really pay attention to your children and talk to your children and listen to your children," she says.

Vance points out that Provident not only receives calls from people who are struggling, they also offer advice to friends and people in crisis, and they have a list of people that are given follow-up phone calls to see how they are doing.