Quik-Trip Experimenting With Armed "Hybrid" Employees

None in St. Louis market...yet.

Michael Calhoun
November 27, 2018 - 10:38 am

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Quik-Trip is experimenting with a merger — of security and customer service.

They're called hybrid employees, with experience in law enforcement but working for QT full-time, stocking shelves and preventing panhandling. They're uniformed to look different than the usual employee, but won't ever work a cash register.

It's been done at one store in Wichita. The next city up is Tulsa.

"We noticed theft, panhandling, and loitering have really, really decreased," company spokesman Mike Thronbrugh told KMOX News. "So we know it's successful." 

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Despite what people may say about St. Louis, Thornbrugh says St. Louis doesn't have any more problems "than any other community in which we operate."

So, are these hybrid officers eventually coming to all QT stores?

"It's not going to be for every store, it's not needed. Unfortunately, you have stores from time-to-time that need a little help, and that's what this is designed for."

But, he says there's always a store that could use the extra help. He says these positions are effective because the employees get to know the stores, and have to abide by QT's policies, not those of a private security company.