Husband Surprises Wife for 84th Birthday After Being Separated by Coronavirus Lockdown

Lizzy Buczak
April 04, 2020 - 10:52 am

An 84-year-old woman got the surprise of a lifetime when she was able to reunite with her husband of 63 years after being separated due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Jerry Lindell was at a Minnesota nursing home when his facility went into lockdown to protect residents, KARE-TV reports.

The lockdown, while necessary, prevented his wife from visiting him.

As luck would have it, Jerry finished rehab just in time to surprise his wife, Beverly Lindell, for her 84th birthday.

The birthday surprise was captured on video by their daughter Loriee Barnes. It shows the moment the couple reunited again and will move you to tears.

In the clip, Beverly is stunned and excited to see Jerry, also 84, walk through the front door with a bouquet of flowers.

“Hi honey,” she exclaims excitedly when she sees her husband. “Happy birthday honey,” he responds.

With social distancing the new normal, Beverly is hesitant to give her hubby a hug.

“I can’t hug you,” she tells him to which Jerry responds, “why can’t you?”

The couple then embrace in a sweet and overdue hug as Beverly, who is overcome with joy,  begins to tear up.

Barnes posted the surprise reunion on Facebook writing, “We have had a rough year, but I brought my dad home from the nursing home for my mom’s birthday present,” she wrote adding, “Life is so awesome.”

Andrea Ross, the nursing home’s administrator also told the station that the couple’s reunion was a feel-good moment everyone in the nursing home including residents who have also been separated from their families.

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