Couple Married for 51 Years Die of Coronavirus 6 Minutes Apart

Johnny Lopez
April 04, 2020 - 11:10 am

A retired Florida couple passed away from coronavirus within six minutes of each other.

Married for 51 years, Stuart Baker, 74, and wife Adrian Baker, 72, were said to be in good health prior to contracting COVID-19 in March, reported CNN.

After first feeling ill, the couple went to their doctor and were told it was a slight case of pneumonia, but that they would be fine, their son, Buddy Baker, told ABC News.

When their symptoms progressed, the couple went to the hospital on March 19th. Stuart had a fever, but Adrian did not.

“My dad was admitted and my mom was sent home,” said Buddy.

Because his parents were inseparable, Buddy was especially concerned his mother’s health could get worse.

"They were never in different places and they were rarely in different rooms,” said Baker. “So we were really worried about my mom being by herself … we would go see her and she was very weak and really wasn’t walking great.”

After two days in the hospital, Stuart was transferred to the ICU. Five days later his test results came back positive for coronavirus and doctors told Buddy it didn’t look like his father would make it.

Initially concerned the news would upset his mother too much, Buddy brought Adrian to the hospital as a precautionary measure.

Approximately 45 minutes after being admitted, doctors told Buddy his mother’s condition was grave.

After both their organs began to fail, the couple was moved into the same hospice care room and taken off ventilators. They passed away within six minutes of each other on March 29th.

Buddy, who is a longtime NFL agent, later shared their story in an emotional Twitter video in hopes of motivating people to stay at home to flatten the curve.

“In loving memory of my mom and dad – please make the tough and right choice and stop the spreading of this virus,” he said in the touching clip.

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