REARDON: The ‘Middle Finger’ Trump Voters Sent To Washington Has Accomplished Nothing

Mark Reardon
August 31, 2017 - 11:44 am

After former Missouri Senator John Danforth’s column that ran in the Washington Post saying that President Trump is the most divisive president in our history, I had the senator on my show to talk about the column.

Several listeners emailed me after the interview and most of them made some of the same points. Here’s a sample:

 John Danforth is clueless…it is precisely BECAUSE of republicans like him that Trump was elected (and rejection of democratic policies).  It truly is about draining the swamp….it is about rejecting the ‘establishment’.  Danforth is a ‘stuffy’ blue blood RINO….HE needs to go….That interview only validated my thoughts.

I always find claims that politicians like Danforth and even House Speaker Paul Ryan are RINOs (Republicans in Name Only) rather comical. So here was my response to that particular listener:

I suppose I would ask this question–

What’s the point of it all if your party is so fractured that you literally can’t get ANY of your agenda passed? Zero. Zilch. Nada. Nothing. No tax reform. No entitlement reform. No Obamacare repeal. The list goes on.

Because that middle finger that you and other Trump supporters flashed at Washington—and I do understand the sentiment—-was all for nothing. Zilch. Zero. Nada.

You get the point.

I also firmly believe there’s a whole of room on the scale between “acting Presidential” and “acting like a third grader”. How ’bout we start by just acting like an adult???

Perhaps too much to ask….

But if you all you want it chaos…you got it.

I understand the frustration that many people have with the so-called “establishment.” The problem is that right now anyone BUT Donald Trump who has an R before their name is apparently considered ESTABLISHMENT.  John Danforth, Paul Ryan and a host of others are principled conservatives who have spent their entire careers pushing and supporting an agenda that focuses on limited government, stronger defense, lower taxes, reforming entitlements, and the list goes on. Often when I mention this people respond with, “So what? How has that helped America? Where has that left us? Debt, high taxes, bloated government, unable to stand up to liberals or the press.”

It’s probably too late to hold a civics class on how government works, but apparently a lot of people are frustrated that the system that the Founding Fathers put in place includes checks and balances. Blowing up the establishment and draining the swamp is great if it actually achieves something that puts the country on the right track. The problem is the swamp is not being drained and since EVERYONE who isn’t Trump is considered establishment there appears to be a stalemate.

I spoke with a lot of people leading up to last fall’s election who didn’t care about Trump’s behavior, his inconsistent record on the issues, his inexperience in government. All they wanted was to blow it all up, to send a message, to tell the folks in Washington we’re fed up and we’re not going to take it anymore. But for those keeping score, don’t look now…outside of a Supreme Court nominee, there’s not a whole lot of winning going on. In fact there’s a fair amount of losing. And that’s not helping anyone.

I got a response to my questions from the listener above:

We are the only country with a 2 party system, maybe its time for that to change. (Not sure that is the answer though)

What i want is a flat tax system, lobbyists out.  I want career politicians who are puppets out, term limits in.

I want much of what has been done to this country in the last 8 years reversed.

Back to the civics lesson: if you want all those things you might as well hold out for a winning Powerball ticket.

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