REARDON: Let the Circus Begin in Greitens Trial

Isn't anyone interested in the questions about the political motivations in this whole ordeal?

Mark Reardon
May 11, 2018 - 4:18 pm

Kevin Killeen/KMOX


I'm sure glad St. Louis Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner took on this case against Gov. Eric Greitens. I mean, it's not like the city is on pace to break last year's murder numbers. We're averaging about a murder a day in the city these days -- not too much of an improvement since Chief John Hayden took over that gig earlier this year. In fairness, you have to give Hayden some time to implement his plan, but when I spoke with him on KMOX this week, he admitted that they still have more than 125 openings in the department.

But let's not focus on that, instead let the circus begin in this trial. It was a weak case from the beginning, and the prosecution has admitted that they DO NOT have the photograph of the governor's former mistress, and no way to prove that it was "transmitted," which is necessary to bump the charge up to a felony. I've repeatedly said on the air and in these columns that I'm not letting the governor off the hook for his reckless behavior, but let's look at these things, too:

  • Kim Gardner forcing a charge that is seemingly impossible to prove beyond a reasonable doubt.
  • Her chief investigator was referred to by her own team as "Inspector Clouseau," and any work he has done on the case is obviously either going to be called into question or not allowed.
  • $50k in cash was dropped to the attorney in this case representing the ex-husband of the mistress.
  • Oh wait, that was upped to $100k.
  • Ooops, there's another $20k in CASH that is seemingly unaccounted for.

The governor has many more serious allegations to fend off down the line, but for now, isn't anyone interested in the questions about the political motivations in this whole ordeal? I haven't even mentioned text messages sent to "KS" by one of the most liberal members of the State Legislature, State Rep. Stacey Newman, encouraging her to lawyer up.

The judge has indicated that they WILL be able to come up with enough jurors to tackle this case. I'm actually looking forward to finally hearing a cross-examination and other relevant facts.