REARDON: Who’s Killing Black Victims? Hint-Not Cops

Mark Reardon
October 20, 2017 - 10:04 am

When St. Louis Alderman Joe Vaccaro submitted a resolution to the public safety committee this week to thank police for their hard work in the aftermath of the Jason Stockley verdict he was told by his “friend” and colleague Alderman John Collins-Muhammad that he was ignorant. Muhammad said the resolution was “BS” and was “a salute to white supremacy.” With friends like that….

Muhammad is the same Alderman who introduced the measure a few weeks back to honor the heroin dealer who was shot by Stockley after a high speed pursuit where speeds reached as high as 87 mph. Most sane people thought THAT resolution was BS. I certainly did. But the resolution to honor the men and women in blue who fight crime in Muhammad’s ward every single day wasn’t given any consideration. The chair of the committee Alderman Terry Kennedy said sending it to the full board would create a “firestorm.”

This all came on the same day that a man was murdered and discovered dead in a car with a dog in Muhammad’s 21st Ward. Not a peep from Mayor Lyda Krewson on this matter. She’s too busy coddling protestors and caving into ridiculous claims that the cops in St. Louis are the REAL problem in the city, not the bullet-ridden, mostly black men who turn up dead on the streets nearly every day.

Time once again for a stark reality check. St. Louis police have shot and killed eight people this year, ALL armed.

Meanwhile 160 people have been murdered in the city of St. Louis, 151 of them have been black. Of the suspects either arrested or investigated all but one was black. But again, the real problem in our city is cops killing innocent black people. It’s insanity and it’s a crisis, but the Mayor and the Board of Alderman would rather focus on hating cops and trying to get an artificial minimum wage of $15 an hour passed.

Researchers at Washington University recently dug into the data of the gunshot victims at the Barnes-Jewish Hospital Emergency Room and the numbers are grim. The study was conducted between 2014 and 2016 and of the 1,096 gunshot victims 89% were African American. The research shows that the rate of violence in African Americans in Missouri is DOUBLE that of the national average. The Wash U study even showed that 14% (173 of 1,226) had previously sustained a gunshot wound. Who is shooting these black victims destroying communities and families? Here’s a hint…it ain’t the white cops.

Here’s a fair question for those of you keeping score at home: Does anyone in their right mind believe that Amazon would, for a moment, consider St. Louis for their second headquarters?

You can stop laughing now.

Maybe the pitch to Jeff Bezos should have included this tag:

Come to St. Louis! Our city leads is…

The #1 Most Dangerous City in America! #1 in the level of sexually transmitted diseases! And run by the MOST anti-cop Mayor and Board of Alderman in the Nation.

Nice work, team.