(The Fox Theatre)

REVIEW: Visuals in 'Anastasia' Are Unlike Anything We've Seen at The Fox

No matter where you sit, the staging reaches out and grabs you.

December 28, 2018 - 9:02 am

By Harry Hamm

“Anastasia” is currently on stage at The Fox through January 6, and it is a visual feast of alluring proportions, perfect for a theater like The Fox with over 4,000 seats.

This new touring production – the original company is still running on Broadway after opening in April of 2017 – is an incredible spectacle of costumes and staging, plus it has the very best use of an LED wall I’ve ever seen. No matter where you sit, the staging reaches out and grabs you.

You’ll witness visual effects unlike anything you have seen before. That’s the good news. However, doing a musical based on the murders of Russian Czar Nicholas II and his family following the Bolshevik Revolution isn’t exactly a toe-tapping musical opportunity.

The musical “Anastasia” is faithful to the movie of the same title. Both are built around the fable that little Duchess Anastasia survived her family’s execution, suffered from amnesia and later in life was reunited with her grandmother in Paris. In real life, DNA testing has proven Anastasia did not survive. 

This musical, like the movie, also throws in a love angle that always seems boringly false. Lila Coogan leads the cast as Anna/Anastasia.

The big musical number you’ll remember and like is called “Journey to the Past.” Most of the rest of the score is nice but forgettable.

“Anastasia” the musical is big but occasionally boring. However, because of it’s optics and imagery, this “Journey to the Past” still has lots to like in the present.

Final rating: 3 1/2 Stars