Mick Jagger isn't the only one getting a heart valve replacement lately

Jagger's procedure is minimally invasive and requires less time in the hospital.

Fred Bodimer
April 04, 2019 - 1:45 am

ST. LOUIS (KMOX) — Mick Jagger isn't the only one getting a heart valve replacement these days. 

It's believed the 75-year-old Rolling Stones legend will undergo a minimally invasive procedure to replace a bad aortic heart valve and is expected to return home within one to two days.

"In some degree of speculation, one would anticipate that would be the TAVR procedure," said Dr. David Theodoro, chairman of the SSM Health Heart and Valve Institute in St. Louis. He is also a cardiothoracic surgeon at SSM Health DePaul and Saint Louis University hospitals.

The procedure inserts a new valve or stent through a catheter placed in the groin through an artery up into the heart.

"The TAVR procedure can be characterized as a stented valve, and one that is placed without having to make a formal incision. It's one that allows a patient to return home in that same time period that Mick Jagger is being characterized as being able to return home. The vast majority of patients are now going home within one or two days after the TAVR procedure."

Dr. Theodoro says this procedure is being done more and more these days as the greying of America continues.

"With the aging population and more and more patients living longer, their heart valves have a tendency to wear out, becoming too tight to open effectively, or becoming floppy and leaky."

The TAVR minimally invasive approach recently got a lot of attention following a new study that found using a catheter to replace a heart valve is better than open heart surgery -- and is a good bet for low-risk and high-risk patients.