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Second Chance Saturday Offer Job Opportunities in Granite City

August 07, 2018 - 9:31 am

ST. LOUIS (KMOX) -  It’s never too late for a second chance. That’s the idea behind second chance Saturday coming up later this month in Granite City.

“It gives our Madison County residents the opportunity to expunge or seal criminal offenses , resolve outstanding traffic warrants, misdemeanor warrants and ordinance violations, things of that nature so that they have an opportunity to get back into the workforce,” says David Hylla, chief judge of the 3rd judicial circuit.

Hylla says there's a pretty broad base of felonies that could be sealed, in other words, still available to law enforcement, but wouldn't come up in an employer background check. Things like probation or supervision might get expunged, records destroyed altogether. Paperwork will be filed day of the event on August 25th.

“Either the arresting agency or the state attorney has 60 days to object to that petition,” he says.

There's a good reason this event is taking place in Granite City. Hylla says when the mill was idled, some of the workers acquired criminal records and now they can't get their jobs back at the mill.

“Granite City Steel is firing back up and bringing back guys that have been laid off, some of them two or three years or more, and in that interim some of them have unfortunately have acquired some criminal records that cause some problems with them being able to get back to work at the mill,” he says.

Hylla says they are ready for 500 people or more. The third annual event takes place at the Granite City Township building. Pre-registration is encouraged and photo id is required.

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