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Sen. Roy Blunt Talks Tax Reform on Hometown Tour

May 30, 2018 - 8:50 am

ST. LOUIS (KMOX) - Senator Roy Blunt tours his home state, touting the tax reform plan that was signed into law late last year.

Nine out of ten Americans are receiving more take-home pay following last year's passage of the Tax Cuts and Reform Act -- that's according to Senator Blunt.

He tells KMOX's Mark Reardon that he's seeing a reflection of that now that he's back in his home state holding public forums about tax reform.

 “What I’m hearing is more confidence in the economy, regulators appear to be in a more common sense place, and then the tax bill on top of that, is creating opportunities that wouldn’t be there otherwise,” he says.

He calls efforts by some Democrats to repeal the tax rollbacks "short-sighted & out of touch".

Senator Roy Blunt agrees with President Donald Trump, who says that something concrete needs to come from the special counsel Robert Mueller investigation soon or it should be abandoned.

“I still think it’s better to get this investigation behind us. I think the President has every right if he wants to fire anybody that works in the executive branch,” he says.

That said, he believes it would be a "big mistake" for the President to dismiss Mueller.