Senator Dick Durbin Blasts FBI Investigation of Judge Brett Kavanaugh

"They were clearly under orders to limit this investigation."

Brad Choat
October 05, 2018 - 9:55 am

© Jack Gruber-USA TODAY


The United States Senate voted 51-49 Friday morning to advance Judge Brett Kavanaugh's Supreme Court confirmation vote to the floor this afternoon.

The vote to advance Kavanaugh's nomination to the Senate vote was aided by yes votes from three Senators on the fence: Republicans Susan Collins (R-ME) and Jeff Flake (R-AZ) and Democrat Joe Manchin (D-WV).

However, that doesn't necessarily mean those votes will hold up at the expected 3 p.m. ET confirmation vote this afternoon. For instance, Collins and Flake are reportedly still on the fence about ultimately confirming him.

Before the vote, the "number two" Senate Democrat -- Dick Durbin of Illinois - spoke on the Senate floor about his displeasure about the F-B-I's probe into sexual assault allegations against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh.

"They were clearly under orders to limit this investigation," Durbin said. "And as a result, there were many witnesses...eight suggested by Dr. Ford, 20 by Dr. Ramirez...that weren't even contacted by the FBI."

Durbin, a member of the Senate Judiciary Committee, says he's not certain how fellow Democrat Joe Manchin of West Virginia will vote on Kavanaugh... possibly the only wavering vote on his side of the aisle. Manchin answered that question hours later.