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St. Charles Again Pushes Back Decision on New Bluffs Neighborhood

May 22, 2018 - 9:58 am

ST. LOUIS (KMOX) - St. Charles County Council members delay again, in the face of an angry crowd, their decision on a subdivision which would overlook the Missouri River.

The audience wasn't having this subdivision, just like earlier in the same meeting they weren't having a proposed trash transfer station. And resident Janet Cole says with an industrial site nearby, this area stinks.

“I like hiking up there, I can attribute to that, they do a great job of trying to contain it, but it is not always containable. Sometimes it can be very offensive,” she says.  

The land is being sold by the University of Missouri to developer Greg Whittaker, councilman Joe Cronin says.

“This is a public property. This is something that I own, you own, everybody owns. This should go out to open and honest bidding, part of the public process, and let’s look at the highest and best thing for the university because they do educate our kids,” he says.  

County council members decided to hold off on a vote to both work with the developer more but also to engage the university curators.