St. Charles Rep. Calls for New St. Louis Football Team

September 20, 2018 - 8:03 am

ST. LOUIS (KMOX) - A St. Charles County State Rep. is proactively recruiting Vince McMahon's XFL to St. Louis.

Nick Schroer, admittedly biased, calls St. Louis the "greatest sports town in American history." He says people here love sports and support their teams.

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“I think the St. Louis region definitely deserves a team, seeing as we rooted for the Rams in winning and losing seasons, and I know for a fact we’re dying for another chance,” he says.

Schroer won't want the XFL if it demands unaffordable incentives. But he says the infrastructure is already here. The Dome at America's Center would be perfect or even Family Arena in St. Charles as a starting point.

He says the new XFL is more traditional than its predecessor and will rely less on violence and sex appeal, making it a good fit for a generally conservative audience. He hopes to follow up with McMahon in a couple of weeks.

The XFL was a failed experiment of a second professional football league that folded after one season in 2001. It was football, but with the added flair of the McMahon's very successful WWE franchise. 

McMahon announced a reformed league that will begin play in early 2020, featuring eight teams based in the U.S.