Alderwoman suggests limiting lobbyists and campaign donations

Megan Green has a three-fold plan to propose to the Board of Aldermen.

Kevin Killeen
May 15, 2019 - 12:14 pm
St. Louis alderwoman Megan Green

KMOX/ Kevin Killeen


ST. LOUIS (KMOX) — A city alderwoman wants to prevent the kind of public corruption that has rocked St. Louis County government.

Megan Green is proposing a ballot issue that would let voters enact reforms to prevent a Steve Stenger-style fiasco in the city.

"I hope that it provides a wake-up call to a lot of us that we need to have stronger ethics laws in place [and] we need to have stronger campaign finance laws in place to ensure that we're prohibiting or making it very difficult for the types of things that were happening in St. Louis County to happen in St. Louis City," she told KMOX.

Her plan is three-fold: Ban lobbyists gifts worth more than $5; ban anonymous campaign money in the city; and ban campaign donors from getting taxpayer funded contracts for 90 days after they make a donation.

"We know that Rex Sinquefeld continually gives lots of money to multiple PACs. Sometimes those PACs will then donate to another PAC, who will then donate to another PAC, who will then donate to another PAC, before that money actually makes it into campaign coffers," Green explains. "This seeks to limit that."

If her proposal gets through the Board of Aldermen, city voters would consider making the reforms a permanent part of the city charter.

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