A house with a security camera outside.


Police Want Your Home Security Cameras to Help Solve Crimes

Crestwood is just the latest local community working with police.

October 09, 2018 - 8:41 am

CRESTWOOD, Mo. (KMOX) - Another St. Louis-area police department is rolling out a new "Community Camera" program. 

Residents in Crestwood are being asked to log onto the city's website and voluntarily register their home security systems with the police department.

The form asks for information on what type of cameras you have, how many, and where they're located at your home. Then, if a crime occurs in a particular neighborhood, police can check their database and see if a home camera system might be helpful in solving it. 

Lt. Kevin Avery with the Crestwood Police Department says since so many people out there have home surveillance systems, it would be unreasonable for them not to work with the community.

"We've had some good video that pinpoints the time, a very good description of the suspect, and there's just a lot of people getting these videos on their house," Avery says.

Police say owners of a registered surveillance system will only be contacted if police believe their footage could assist their investigation. 

It's all free and voluntary – St. Peters, Chesterfield and Edwardsville are among area communities that already have such a program in place. St. Charles is working on a similar program that should be in place by the end of this year.

If you live in Crestwood, click here to register your camera system.