St. Louis Blues center Ryan O'Reilly.

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Ryan O'Reilly Remembers Hilarious Team Canada Goal Celebration Song: 'Careless Whisper'

Our St. Louis Blues insider Amy Marxkors brings you the latest in off-ice fun with the players.

September 27, 2018 - 1:07 pm

Every week our St. Louis Blues Insider, Amy Marxkors will bring fans a few untraditional reports on your local pro hockey team. She's inding new and unique story lines from inside the locker room with the Blues players everyday after practice and games. 

Take a listen to her latest reports and read more about them, below: 

The music man Ryan O'Reilly 

When the Blues acquired O'Reilly via trade this offseason, they knew they had a goal-scorer, a forward with a nack for defending and one of the best face-off centers in the league. He's also a huge fan of music. 

In 2016, playing with Team Canada during their back-to-back World Championship gold medal runs, he and his teammates picked a unique goal-celebration song: "Careless Whisper" by George Michael.

"When we'd score and come over to the bench, there would be guys like grooving and da-da-daa-da-da," O'Reilly says. "I don't think the people running the tournament liked it because it didn't get people pumped up enough so we had to change it." 

Brayden Schenn nearly joined the family business

If hockey hadn't worked out so well for the second-year Blues forward and his younger brother, Luke who plays for the Philadelphia Flyers, he says they both would have been firefighters just like their dad. 

Growing up in Saskatoon, Schenn says he and his three siblings often spent time at his dad's "office."

"You see your old man doing it for years and going to the hall and seeing how cool it is, I think we both had the same idea on that," Schenn says.

Good thing for St. Louis he's been flaming hot on the ice, leading the Blues in points last season.

Of course Chris Thorburn practices fighting

Although hockey is a game of skill, skating, shooting and stick handling, there are some veteran players like Thorburn who need to know how to throw a haymaker when necessary. That's why his offseasons often consistent of mixed martial arts (MMA) training. 

"Not only is it good for me and what I do on the ice, but it just switches it up," Thorburn says. "So (training) doesn't get so boring throughout the summer, like lifting weights and riding a bike." 

So what does that kind of training look like? Thorburn says it's a lot of holds, punching and working on balance. 

"I don't spar anymore," Thorburn says. "Last time I sparred my face was purple and I thought my hair was going to fall out of my head. So I just hit pads."

Robert Thomas already has his own bobblehead night

Imagine being 19-years-old and already a bobblehead night in your honor – that's the reality for the Blues forward prospect. On September 30, the Hamilton Bulldogs of the Ontario Hockey League will celebrate Thomas, who was the playoff MVP in last year's championship campaign. 

Thomas says he didn't know about it until friends and family started sending him photos of the bobblehead, after a recent day of training. But did he like it?

"I think it was bang on," Thomas says. "I had a little bit of a playoff beard going, can't really grow too much, but they put a little bit on there for me and then had the missing tooth and everything."

If Thomas stay with the Blues for the rest of training camp, he won't make it back to Hamilton this weekend. But he says he'll make sure a friend grabs a couple for him and his family.