Blues Stanley Cup win could help improve our health

"A positive attitude can really help boost your immune system."

Fred Bodimer
June 14, 2019 - 5:43 pm
St. Louis Blues Stanley Cup Champions



ST. LOUIS (KMOX) — Can a winning team lead to better health?  

After the St. Louis Blues Stanley Cup win — coupled with this weekend's big Stanley Cup parade and rally — many throughout the area are in a really positive state of mind.  And positivity has been known to relate to better health outcomes.  

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"There is so much joy and excitement and comradery right now in our town," said Dr. Jennifer Wessels, a family medicine physician and VP of Medical Affairs for SSM Health. "Everybody's endorphins are up. We really have a sense of team spirit and community. And that can only do good things for people when your mood is elevated. When you are feeling connected to your friends and community, it really helps reduce your anxiety, it helps increase your endorphins and helps you just be in a better mood over all."

Recent studies point to the power of a positive attitude in battling any illness and for feeling better in general. "A positive attitude can really help boost your immune system," Dr. Wessels tells KMOX. "It also can help you sleep better. And it can do good things for you overall."

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