St. Louis Breaks Up With Paul McKee

City says developer "failed to deliver" on promises for north St. Louis

Kevin Killeen
June 12, 2018 - 5:11 pm

KMOX file photo


ST. LOUIS (KMOX) - The city's 15-year relationship with developer Paul McKee is ending. 

The city sent McKee a letter saying he owes back taxes, has failed to keep up his hundreds of vacant properties, and failed to deliver on "the dream" of revitalizing north St. Louis.  

The partnership soured earlier this year, when it came to light in a court case the McKee got $2.5 million in tax breaks for a property he never bought.

Asked if the city has been contacted by the FBI about McKee, Development Director Otis Williams said, "Well, I do believe federal authorities are taking a look at it. But it's not for me to answer for what they're doing."

KMOX left a message with McKee seeking his comment. So far, no response.

The break up means, in effect, that the city will cancel its deal to give McKee $390 million in tax increment financing on redeveloping some 1,500 acres of north St. Louis.

Among the long list of complaints the city cited as reason for the termination, the city says McKee owes $273,000 in delinquent property taxes to the city.