St. Louis Business Leader Wants Missouri to Offer Tax Credits Again for Movies and TV

Parts of the Missouri-based Netflix show "Ozark" are filmed in Georgia

Carol Daniel
November 19, 2018 - 6:43 am

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The co-founder of The Pasta House Company and Board Vice-Chairman of Explore St. Louis wants to convince Missouri Governor Mike Parson to support tax credits for movie and television productions.

In 2009, George Clooney played a corporate downsizer in "Up in the Air", which was filmed mostly in and around St. Louis. Kim Tucci was part of the team that brought the movie to film in St. Louis.

The state of Missouri and St. Louis leaders provided $4.1 million in tax credits for the $25 million film. That doesn't happen much anymore and Tucci wants to change that starting with a meeting with Gov. Parson.  

One of the first things he plans on telling Gov. Parson is how Georgia is doing economically compared to Missouri.

"Last year, the economic impact was $9.5 billion to the state of Georgia," Tucci told KMOX's Carol Daniel. "Three movies were made in Georgia with Missouri themes."

For instance, a handful of locations in Missouri were used for the ongoing Netflix series: "Ozark". However, it's actually two lakes in Georgia that were used to represent Missouri's Lake of the Ozarks in the show.

Parts of the movie "Gone Girl" were filmed in Cape Girardeau in 2014.

The meeting has not been setup yet, but KMOX News has learned that the Missouri Motion Media Association is working on legislation targeting tax credits for the upcoming session.