St. Louis County Considers Collection Contract for Health Clinics

Michael Calhoun
February 12, 2018 - 2:09 am
St. Louis County Council

KMOX/Michael Calhoun


CLAYTON (KMOX) -- Is St. Louis County taking a stronger stance against those who rely on its health clinics to see a doctor or get labs done but can't pay their bills?

County Council members last week gave tentative approval to a contract with Account Resolution Corporation. This week they'll consider final passage.

St. Louis County expects to refer about $233,000 to the collection effort. 

When KMOX News asked about this, Council chairman Sam Page told us their intention is the company make a couple of collection attempts but not get aggressive.

"We know that's happening because they (in previous efforts) only collect about ten out of several hundred thousand dollars in debt," he said. "If they had a more aggressive footprint, their collection would be more... successful than that."

He calls it "more of a reminder notice."

"We don't want them to push very hard because these are folks with limited resources," he said. "If the folks that owe money communicate that they can't afford to pay, then they let it go."

The request for proposals document states that the county health department has final say over which accounts go to collections. It also says they won't send over bills for less than $19.99.

The County Council is poised to approve the contract at their meeting Tuesday night.