St. Louis County Executive Steve Stenger Reacts to "Better Together" Plan

It's not necessarily ready to endorse the city-county merger idea yet, though

Alex Degman
January 03, 2019 - 8:15 am
St. Louis County Executive Steve Stenger

(KMOX/file photo)


ST. LOUIS, Mo. (KMOX) — St. Louis County Executive Steve Stenger isn't necessarily endorsing a plan to merge the county with St. Louis City, but he's encouraged.

"We're talking about savings in the neighborhood of $700 million to $1 billion in savings by eliminating duplicative services in government throughout the region."

Municipalities would continue to exist, but gone would be individual police departments, municipal courts and city councils.

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Stenger says he did endorse the study by the "Better Together" panel that has led to this rumored plan.

"You have a region that has a very difficult time changing things for the better," Stenger stated to KMOX's Mark Reardon.

Stenger says he wishes the vote to merge would be left only to city and county voters, but this change would require a change to the state constitution -- which requires statewide participation.

You can listen to Reardon's complete conversation with Stenger in the podcast below (interview with Stenger starts at 23:21):