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St. Louis County Mayors Join Forces to Avoid City-County Merger

Better Together is expected to unveil its merger plan on Monday

January 25, 2019 - 10:15 am

ST. LOUIS (KMOX) - The Muncipal League voted unanimously to begin the process to set up a board of 19 local people who would consider changes to St. Louis County government. This move is in reaction to the Better Together plan, that would rely on state-wide voters.

The Muncipal League – made up of mayors, council men and women, and residents in St. Louis County – says this new governing board would be made up of nine people appointed by the city, nine more by the county and one by Missouri's governor.

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Kirkwood mayor Tim Griffin says everyone part of the unanimous vote is only trying to do what's best for the St. Louis region. Griffin and Vinita Park mayor James McGee both say those decisions on what is best for St. Louis, should be made only by the people and lawmakers of St. Louis.

"Let them make their own decisions, not nobody cramming it down their neck," McGee says.

Bridgeton Mayor Terry Briggs is worried Better Together's plan is going to cost his taxpayers.

"Is it basically trying to siphon off money into some other sort of service, or something along those lines to the detriment of those who are currently good taxpaying citizens?" Briggs says.

Better Together is expected to unveil its plan Monday, which will keep municipalities in St. Louis County, but gone would be individual police departments, municipal courts and city councils.