St. Louis Manufacturer Explains EpiPen Supply Issues

Pfizer cites component supplies and manufacturing changes

Megan Lynch
May 09, 2018 - 11:36 am
Woman injecting emergency medicine into her leg


ST. LOUIS (KMOX) - People who rely on EpiPens to stop life-threatening allergic reactions report problems finding a supply in recent weeks.

The auto-injectors are produced at a St. Louis factory.

Parent company Mylan admitted this week that supplies of EpiPens have been "constrained," but the company did not go as far as to say there's a shortage. On its website, the FDA lists EpiPens as available. 

Pfizer manufactures the pens for Mylan at Meridian Medical Technologies in St. Louis. In a statement sent to KMOX, Pfizer says the constrained supply "is due to a supply of certain third-party components," though the company did not detail the specific issue. Pfizer says process changes also temporarily limited capacity at the manufacturing facility.

Pfizer says shipments from the St. Louis facility "have been increasing over the last several months, with April shipments exceeding projections."

EpiPens deliver a single dose of epinephrine, a drug used to stop anaphylactic shock. For patients allergic to bee stings, latex and especially certain foods, EpiPens are a necessity. The devices only have a year shelf life, so must be refilled annually.