St. Louis Police Try to Reunite Stolen Items with Rightful Owners

Police have set up a special website with photos of about 800 items stolen from cars in the area.

Michael Calhoun
May 09, 2018 - 11:58 pm
St. Louis police car

(KMOX/Brad Choat)


ST. LOUIS (KMOX) -- Police have set up a special website with photos of about 800 items stolen from cars in the area.

They recovered everything from jewelry to electronics to a Hello Kitty backpack when detectives busted a big car theft ring last month. Three people were arrested.

Capt. Renee Kriesmann tells the story of reuniting one victim with almost all of her belongings. The woman was moving cross-country and had her trailer and vehicle stolen while making a quick stop in St. Louis.

"After the investigation we were able to get almost all of her items back" to her, Kriesmann  says. "She was very gracious, very happy, and you can imagine how bad she felt when she almost lost everything that she owned."

This group wasn't only breaking into cars in St. Louis. Capt. Kriesmann says items were linked to thefts in Atlanta, Charlotte, Chatanooga, and Orange County, Florida.

She also says they think they've found musical equipment stolen from touring bands. One was from Charlotte "and then we have two local bands that we believe we've recovered some of their property for them."

Officers, she says, have been working non-stop to catalog these hundreds of recovered items. Some, like electronics with serial numbers, are easier to trace to an owner. In other cases, she says officers have remembered old police reports and have tracked down victims that way.

But, for most of these items, Kriesmann says they "really do need the community's help. If you've been the victim of a car break-in, please take a look at the website and we have an email set up."

Here's a link to the website:

Here's the address to email if you spot an item of yours:

Since taking down this car theft ring in April, Capt. Kriesmann says they've seen a decrease in car break-ins in the Downtown and Downtown West neighborhoods.