Health Matters: Local SSM Health experts discuss breast implants, kissing bugs, back-to-school health

Here is the rundown for this weekend's show.

Fred Bodimer
August 07, 2019 - 1:49 pm
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ST. LOUIS (KMOX) — The most recent edition of Health Matters Presented by SSM Health provides KMOX listeners with an in-depth look at several hot button medical issues. 

One of the big topics discussed in this week's show is a recent recall of textured breast implants. These implants by Allergan have been recalled for safety reasons. The medical director for SSM Health Breast Care — Dr. Aislinn Vaughn — tells us what women should be looking out for and when they should seek medical help.

We also talk about the "kissing bug" — which can lead to Chagas Disease. SLU Care's Dr. Daniel Hoft is an infectious diseases specialist at Saint Louis University School of Medicine. He says the parasite traditionally was found in Central and Latin America but has been moving north and is now in this part of the country.     

Plus, we talk with a clinical dietician in Pediatric Nutrition — Rita Chrivia at SSM Health Cardinal Glennon Children's Hospital — about how to keep our kids healthy and happy as they get ready to go back to school.

Listen to this weekend's show below.

Here is the rundown for this weekend's show:

Health Matters Presented by SSM Health — aired on Aug. 3, 2019 at 4 p.m. on KMOX

  1. Dr. JENNIFER WESSELS, SSM Health VP of Medical Affairs and a family medicine physician. Recall of eye drops found to be unsafe. Where and why? Equate brand products may not be safe — sold at Walmart and Walgreens. Researchers unlock some of the secrets of anorexia — what did they find? How common is anorexia today? More girls than boys? Is this mental or genetic or metabolic? New walking study — brisk walking helps people live longer.  How important is walking in our exercise routine? Another new study says spending time outdoors does a lot to improve our health — just two hours a week makes a big difference. New study says highly processed foods are a danger — what's the best diet for us? What are highly processed foods? Soups, prepared meals. Stay with natural foods. How important is flossing our teeth to our health? More California mothers-to-be are using marijuana — how dangerous is this to the mom? To the baby? New study finds it is critical to make sure elderly patients who return home from the hospital improve their chances of not returning to the hospital right away if they have meals delivered to them on a daily basis. And what has been the impact of shorter hours for medical interns? 
  2. SLU Care's Dr. DANIEL HOFT, infectious diseases specialist at Saint Louis University Medical School. A parasitic bug, known as the kissing bug, is moving north — from Latin and Central America to parts of North America. Their bite can cause a chronic infection that could lead to heart disease and even death. What is this so-called kissing bug? Where can they be found? And what do we know about Chagas disease? How dangerous is this? Why are they coming north? How are they identified? Is there a vaccine?  
  3. Dr. AISLINN VAUGHN, Medical Director for SSM Health Breast Care. A safety recall of "textured" breast implants. What kind is being recalled? What's wrong with them? Textured versus smooth implants — what's the difference? How rare is this? The disease is a rare form of of lymphoma, but not breast cancer. What's the treatment? What are the symptoms? What if you have no symptoms? When choosing a breast implant, what should you be looking for? How concerned should women with implants be about this safety recall?
  4. RITA CHRIVIA, clinical dietician in Pediatric Nutrition at SSM Health Cardinal Glennon Children's Hospital. Summer is nearing an end and many of our children may be getting bored and spending more time playing video games or eating. What can we do about this?  Tips on how to keep our kids healthy and entertained this summer. Take them to farmer's markets. Help them cook some interesting food. How much time should our kids spend on video games and with electronic screens? How much fruit and vegetables should kids be getting a day?  With school starting up soon, how do we ease our child's fears? How do we talk with them about school? What about school lunches? What makes a good and healthy school lunch? PLUS our health tip of the week from co-host Dr. JENNIFER WESSELS, SSM Health VP of Medical Affairs and a family medicine physician. This week, Dr. Wessels has some thoughts on how to keep our kids safe now that school sports practices are about to start up again. How to keep our kids cool. How to be aware of concussions. Signs and symptoms.

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