Stanley Cup tattoos in high demand

Blues fans celebrating title with ink

Brad Choat
June 15, 2019 - 11:43 am
Ken Brooks' celebratory tattoo crafted by Robert Johnson

Facebook/KenBrooks with permission


ST. LOUIS, Mo. (KMOX) - It's been a popular thing since the Blues won the Stanley Cup - young adults to senior citizens finding tattoo artists to make them a Blue Note with the Cup.

Robert Johnson of All-Star Tattoo in University City is one of those artists, "They want to take and do their own little twist on it. They like this, this, and this. I'll take that and put them together for them and make one tattoo."

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Johnson says the demand has been crazy, and he's giving up his weekend off to "ink" as many Blues fans as he can.

Johnson says he's not one of those artists who would've designed and placed a Stanley Cup tattoo on someone before the final horn sounded on Game 7, "Like when we were playing San Jose, if they wanted a Stanley Cup with a Blue Note on it, I would've said no. You are not jinxing us while we're in the the playoffs. It's not happening."

A lifelong Blues fan himself, Johnson says he'll be getting his own Stanley Cup Blues tattoo, but not until the demand for him to create body art for other fans has died down. 

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