Oakland Athletics right fielder Stephen Piscotty

(David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports)

Stephen Piscotty Homers, Finds Unique Way To Honor His Mom

In his first at bat after taking time off to grieve the death of his mother, Piscotty hit a home run.

May 16, 2018 - 12:18 pm

This will no doubt be one of the best moments of the 2018 MLB season. Stephen Piscotty put his hand on his heart and looked up to the sky when he touched home plate – after hitting a home run in his first at bat back with the Oakland Athletics. 

He took four games off over the weekend to be with his family and grieve the death of his mother, Gretchen, earlier this month. His family gathered in his home town of Pleasanton, Calif. on Monday as a celebration of his mother's life. Then on Tuesday he was back in the A's lineup. 

After hitting the 0-2 pitch over the green monster in Boston, he told media after the game he knew what he'd do to honor Gretchen:

"It's been an emotional week. I've been a little cried out, so I didn't tear up or anything. It felt real good knowing my family was watching, I know my mom was watching.

"Coming around third, just immediately started thinking of my mom. I put my hand over my chest like she would do, and that's kind of going to be my thing going forward."

His mother died on May 6, about a year after she was with diagnosed with ALS. Piscotty was a member of the St. Louis Cardinals when the news came in 2017.