Mug shot of 23-year-old teacher accused of running a "fight club" in his classroom.

(Connecticut State Police, Dreamstime)

Substitute Teacher Arrested For Running A Student 'Fight Club'

Went police confronted the 23-year-old teacher he said he "would let them be teenagers."

April 13, 2018 - 4:07 pm

A former substitute teacher was in court Thursday for allegedly organizing fights in his middle school math classroom. Videos posted on social media by some of the students show 23-year-old Ryan Fish encouraging students as they "slap fight" at the high school. 

Fish pled not guilty to charges that included reckless endangerment and risk of injury to a minor. According to a police report posted by WFSB in Montville, CT., when police asked Fish what happened during class, he told them he "would let them be teenagers and let them get their energy out." 

Police began its investigation in December 2017 after four victims reported the fights to authorities. 

The arrest warrant says Fish watched and sometimes encouraged the students during fights – he even moved classroom trash cans out of the way to keep the fights going. 

Fish was fired from Montville High School in October.