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The Surge Open 7th Season in St. Louis

June 05, 2018 - 10:48 am

ST. LOUIS (KMOX) - Saturday night is the home opener for your St. Louis Surge, the 7th season for professional basketball in St. Louis.

In the past six years, the St. Louis Surge have played in five national championships, winning it twice. Surge owner and general manager Khalia Collier says their fan base continues to grow.

“For $10 a game, you can’t beat it. We put on an event, we put on a show, and the energy and the atmosphere is how we’re continuing to gain Surge fans. Oh and by the way, we average 104 point per game,” she says.

Collier says players are very accessible. After every home game, they sign autographs and mingle with fans.

“We have some exciting news for those who are season ticket holders and new fans that we may be hosting playoffs. I’m going to go ahead and throw that out there. We have five home games, so you definitely have the summer to catch us and experience a game,” she says.

This weekend the Surge take on the Midwest Flyers at the Field House at Washington University.