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Take Breaks and Drink Plenty of Water: Advice for Being Outside in the Heat

July 06, 2018 - 8:45 am

ST. LOUIS (KMOX) - As a rule, health experts recommend staying inside if at all possible on extremely hot days like this. But not everyone can do that, if their job requires them to be outdoors no matter what.


However, for some people heat-related pain is self-inflicted - for instance Jeff Black was spotted jogging through the Lafayette Square neighborhood right at midday, carrying a bottle of water and wearing shorts, shoes and little else.

He knows he was pushing the boundaries of being safe in the heat.

“This is probably as close as it gets to being dangerous to be out running,” he says.


Darryl Weaver was taking a break from mowing and trimming a lawn at an apartment complex in South St. Louis, and used the occasion to share some words of wisdom.

“It’s not a thing of working hard, it’s a thing of working smart in this type of weather, because you have to have cold water and then if you take a break you take a 15 minute break, it comes out better that way,” he says.


With 30 clients located all around town, self-employed lawn care specialist Edward Jordan can't afford to take a day off just because it's really, really hot.

“I work about a good our, then take a break and work another hour, to half an hour. You have to have that grace period in between, especially out here in the heat,” he says.

His secret weapon?  A big cooler full of ice-cold water on his truck.


For those who have to be outside, federal safety experts recommend covering up in tight-woven clothing, using sunscreen, staying in the AC, and drinking lots of water.