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Teen Develops 'Wet Lung' 3 Weeks Into Vaping

May 17, 2018 - 11:33 am

(KMOX) - This should be a huge warning when it comes to teenagers and vaping. 

An 18-year old in Pennsylvania had been using an e-cigarette for only three weeks when something happened to make her go to the University of Pittsburgh emergency room.

She was experiencing coughing, labored breathing and a stabbing pain in her chest when she inhaled and exhaled.  The condition got worse.

The teen was put on a respirator and was hooked up to a machine to drain fluid her lungs.

The non-clinical term for the teen's condition is wet lung. It's when the lungs are inflamed by an allergic reaction to dust or chemicals.

The doctor who treated the teen wrote the case study about how the chemicals from the e-cigarette led to the lung damage. There have been other cases of people developing this kind of respiratory distress after vaping.