Cardinals manager Tony La Russa (left) embraces catcher Yadier Molina

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La Russa Forgot His Cards World Series Ring in Red Sox Pitcher's Glove

When you've got three World Series, guess it's easy to forget about one from time to time. 

August 03, 2018 - 4:23 pm

Tony La Russa might be getting a little forgetful in his old age. The 73-year-old VP of the Boston Red Sox apparently left his 2011 St. Louis Cardinals World Series ring inside the glove of pitcher Joe Kelly. 

Funny enough, both Kelly and La Russa are former members of the Cardinals organization. La Russa managed St. Louis for 16 seasons, winning two World Series (2006, 2011) and Kelly was drafted by St. Louis in 2009 and played for the Cardinals until he was traded in 2014. The two are now both working for the Red Sox. 

Before Thursday's game, La Russa borrowed Kelly's glove to catch the ceremonial first pitch.

Friday afternoon, Kelly tweeted out a few photos of the diamond-covered ring stuck inside of his glove, saying "Hey @TonyLaRussa I might have something you are looking for... thanks for using my glove during the first pitch ceremony #finderskeepers #findersfee #trilliondollars"

We're skeptical that La Russa actually wouldn't notice a gigantic ring missing from his left hand. And Kelly is also known to be somewhat of a jokester in the clubhouse. 

True or staged, thanks for a good laugh!