Trauma specialist pleads with hometown St. Louis to stop the killing

"... Nothing out here is worth you taking someone else's life. Nothing."

Megan Lynch
July 08, 2019 - 11:03 am
operating room

ST. LOUIS (KMOX) — "My message to St. Louis is that nothing out here is worth you taking someone else's life. Nothing."

In a Facebook post, St. Louis native Melissa Shelton testifies to the horrors she's witnessed as a Surgical Trauma Team Specialist, writing, "One single shot and we are doing Chest Compressions for 45 minutes PRAYING, 'Dear God!!! Please don’t let him DIE!!'"

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Shelton spoke with KMOX from where she now works in Atlanta, "If I lose a patient, I'm torn by that. I got into that because I wanted to make a difference and wanted to save lives, but I don't expect for people to go out here and just take them faster than we can save them!"

Shelton explains she felt led to issue her plea on behalf of St. Louis medical colleagues, because of the daily posts she sees from St. Louis friends and family grieving the violent deaths of people in their lives. 

She says for medical staff working in a trauma center, there's "no time to think." Yet the trauma team knows family and friends of the patient wait just beyond the door, "and to have to walk in there and look at someone's face and the anticipation of what's going to come out of one of our mouths. It's going to be the doctor ... who's going to tell you, but we have to stand there with them because we're part of that team. And the cries that you hear from family members and friends when you have to tell them that we've done everything we could and we're sorry."

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