Many empty seats in a sports arena.

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Troy Officials Discuss Inflatable Sports Dome Possibilities

August 14, 2018 - 8:59 am

ST. LOUIS (KMOX) - Officials in Troy Illinois are considering a plan to build an inflatable sports dome in their city.

The complex could go in near the intersection of Interstate 55-70 and Highway 40 on the southwest corner of town.

Mayor Allen Adomite foresees several sports being played inside the dome, including baseball, soccer, basketball and more.

“This is something that really is generated towards attracting people, out-of-towners into our town on more of a select-use sports level and by bringing all of those people into our town we can grow our economy,” he says.

Troy officials have already spent $40,000 for preliminary engineering with a Maryland Heights based company that's built similar domes across the country.

Mayor Adomite says the overall cost would be close to $2 million, funded in part by a hotel-motel tax and private dollars from what he calls "select sports team operators".

A former city alderman who's a critic of the mayor is accusing him of discussing plans for the inflatable sports dome behind closed doors.

 “When I have firm letters of intent and something firmer for the council to act on in regards to property acquisition, chances are we’ll see a larger proposal presented in front of the community,” he says.