Amazon delivery driver shot outside St. Charles Target after argument over handicap parking spot

The shooting happened just before noon; police say a man was taken to the hospital with minor injuries.

March 05, 2019 - 12:25 pm

ST. CHARLES (KMOX/AP) Updated with more information from police - A man making deliveries for Amazon Prime on Tuesday was shot outside a Target store in St. Charles by someone upset he was parked in a handicap spot.

Police say a 65-year-old man shot a 21-year old Amazon Prime driver from St. Louis. The Amazon driver was parked in the handicapped spot without a place card. It escalated when the alleged shooter took out a phone to document the indicent.

Police say the Amazon driver began walking away, which is when he was shot in the back. He's listed in critical but stable condition.

Police told KMOX an arrest was made at the scene.

In a released statement, Amazon says, “This is a terrible incident and our thoughts are with the driver. We will work with law enforcement and the delivery service partner as they investigate.”

KMOX's previous reporting:

A man has been shot outside the Target store on Mexico Road in St. Charles. Police say the shooter is in custody. 

The victim is at a hospital with minor injuries, police tell KMOX.

A lieutenant with St. Charles police did not have information on what led to the shooting. 

The City of St. Charles School District posted a message to parents on its Facebook page, alerting families that there was "NO THREAT" to the school or students, and "the suspect in the incident has been apprehended by police."

The Target is right across Old Muegge Road from Harris Elementary School.

This is a breaking story and KMOX will have updates as more information becomes available.