Exercise rider Adele Bellinger works out Kentucky Derby entry Vino Rosso at Churchill.

(Jamie Rhodes-USA TODAY Sports)

Vino Rosso Is St. Louis' Favorite Horse In The Kentucky Derby

A $100 bet on the Todd Pletcher horse would earn you $1,300.

May 04, 2018 - 10:19 am

Vino Rosso's double-digit odds don't make him a very enticing pick to win Saturday's Kentucky Derby. But for the amateur horse bettors looking for a unique good-luck charm, this horse might be a good choice for anyone from St. Louis. 

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The chestnut colored colt turned 3-years-old in March and is owned by the Repole Stable and St. Elias Stable, who have a pretty familiar logo. 

Repole Stable and St. Elias Stable logo.
(Repole Stable and St. Elias Stable)
The jockeys who race on this sable's horses sport silks with a "STE" logo which is very similar to St. Louis' "STL" logo. Put the jockey in a red silk and it's nealry identical to the St. Louis Cardinals logo. 

Vino Rosso has 12-1 odds coming out of the No. 18 gate. So if you put $100 on him to win, you'd be walking out with $1,300. 

As a few of our Twitter followers pointed out, St. Louis' horse has to be Vinno Rosso: