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Voters Across St. Louis Report Problems at Polling Places

August 08, 2018 - 9:37 am

ST. LOUIS (KMOX) - The ACLU of Missouri and the Advancement Project want St. Louis County's election board to investigate claims of poll worker interference in Tuesday's primary election.

The groups say voting rights watchdogs were told by several voters they were given non-partisan ballots when they requested Democratic ones.

Noting a mistake, they attempted to get poll workers to give them the ballot they wanted, but were told they could not switch.

The ACLU says Missouri law states if a voter is given an incorrect ballot, whether paper or electronic, they have the right to return that ballot and get a new one.


A St. Louis County election official blames a “comedy of errors” for some voters being turned away in the town of Berkeley.

The Post-Dispatch reports that turnout in the St. Louis region for Tuesday's primary election was brisk, with about 35 percent of registered voters going to the polls. But there were sporadic problems, most notably at Holman Elementary School in Berkeley.

Democratic elections director Eric Fey says a Republican poll worker had to leave due to a family emergency. The other two went to lunch, apparently got lost and didn't return.

It was unclear how many people were turned away during the 45 minutes it took to get additional Republican poll workers to the polling place.


Poll workers and voters were in the dark for a bit yesterday afternoon at Busch Middle School in St Louis.

The city fire department tweeted a car crash in the 5900 block of Clifton knocked out a transformer, causing a power outage in that neighborhood.

No worries though. Firefighters say they arrived at the scene with a generator and some lights to allow voting to resume.