Cardinals pitcher Carlos Martinez.

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Watch: Martinez Says He Saw Ghost in Hotel Room

"[I] can't sleep alone tonight #ghost---- in my room."

June 25, 2018 - 5:43 pm

ST. LOUIS (KMOX) - A St. Louis Cardinals starting pitcher takes to social media to say his hotel room is haunted the night before he pitches a losing game. 
Carlos Martinez posted a video to Instagram on Wednesday, saying in Spanish that he saw an apparition in his room at the Pfister Hotel in Milwaukee that night.  

Martinez says Marcell Ozuna also saw a ghost in his room, so they went to Francisco Pena's room -- the video shows several Cardinals players in the background playing cards.

#lotiguereasutao ------------ @franpena26 @thebigbear13ozuna @tphamlv @ambiorixreyes06 @carloslvilloria im sorry, i can't sleep alone tonight #ghost---- in my room.

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The hotel has a reputation for ghosts reported by Major League Baseball players from several teams.  

The next day, Martinez had a bad game, giving up five earned runs in four innings. The Brewers scored six more runs to win 11-3.