Water damage at Crestwood city hall

Saturday water main break flooded basement of building

Brad Choat
August 10, 2019 - 7:25 pm
Flooding in basement of Crestwood City Hall on August 10, 2019

Crestwood Mayor Grant Mabie Facebook photo


CRESTWOOD, Mo. (KMOX) - A 20-inch water main broke near Crestwood City Hall on Saturday morning, causing flooding in the basement of the structure.

Crestwood Mayor Grant Mabie says the pipe feeds a large storage tank behind city hall.

City administrator Chris Simpson says the flooding is an inconvenience, but not a disaster, "There's a lot of files that were impacted. We have a document recovery service on site, and they are beginning that process. Hopefully they'll be able to recover the majority of those files."

Simpson says there was also some computer equipment impacted, but he thinks the servers were up high enough to avoid major problems.

Simpson says the flooding took down the city's dispatch system, but they were able to transfer emergency dispatch to St. Louis County, so there wasn't any impact to resident services in any way.

A Facebook posting by Mayor Mabie asks for patience over the next few weeks, as repairs are made. He says some doors need replacing, some new drywall needs to be put up, and there is some painting work needed, just to name a few things.

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