Mayor Lyda Krewson introducing St. Louis Police Chief, John Hayden

(KMOX, Michael Calhoun)

What Did The Grietens Trial Cost Taxpayers? Krewson Waits For Answer

We should learn more about the running tab at the end of the month.

May 16, 2018 - 3:28 pm

ST. LOUIS (KMOX/AP) - Mayor Lyda Krewson says she has asked St. Louis circuit attorney Kim Gardner to update her on the running tab for the invasion-of-privacy case against Gov. Eric Greitens. Krewson has yet to get any numbers, but she says that't not the most important thing. 

"My question is, she has to figure out how to run her office and she needs to figure out which crimes need to be prosecuted," Krewson says. "Of course I want to have a focus on violent crime in this city, but she's independently elected. She has to make those decisions."

Krewson says she's not Gardner's boss, so Gardner doesn't answer to her. But Gardner will have to answer questions from the aldermanic budget committee at its next meeting, on May 31. She'll likely be asked about the ways she was spending taxpayers money throughout the investigation. 

Greitens, 44, was charged with felony invasion of privacy for allegedly taking and transmitting a photo of an at least partially nude woman without her permission in March 2015, before he was elected governor. Greitens hasn't directly answered questions about whether he took the photo, but defense attorneys said prosecutors were unable to find such a photo on Greitens' cellphone or cloud storage as jury selection in the criminal trial got underway.

Gardner dropped the charge on Monday, saying it was because she had to answer questions under oath from Greitens' attorneys, who alleged that an investigator she hired had committed perjury and withheld evidence. Gardner's office says the criminal charge could be refiled by an assistant or special prosecutor. 

St. Louis Metro Police Department is currently investigating Gardner's office for that alleged perjury. Greitens' attorneys have suggested that any misconduct by prosecutors should also disqualify them from handling the separate computer data tampering charge related to the charity donor list.