What's Winter Going to be Like in St. Louis?

Accuweather's Dean DeVore gives us his annual preview

Dean DeVore
November 08, 2018 - 11:06 am

You've been feeling the chill lately as you head out the door in the mornings, but is that an omen for things to come?

Accuweather's Dean Devore has published his annual St. Louis winter forecast. We've included his video above, but here's some analysis of his predictions.

Dean DeVore/Accuweather

The Midwest and Great Plains are expected to get occasional blasts of cold Arctic Air this season. DeVore says it could be a wet and/or snowy winter for those on the East Coast and Gulf of Mexico, with New England and parts of Michigan seeing the usual cold of the season. If you're a skiing fan, DeVore says your best vacation bet might be New England. The Rockies might be hit-or-miss on snowfall this winter, depending on where you go.

Dean DeVore/Accuweather

Most of Missouri and the bottom two-thirds of Illinois are expected to have an average winter, temperature wise. Specifically for St. Louis, DeVore feels December might be slightly warmer than normal, with January being right at average and February being a bit colder than normal. Temperatures in St. Louis remained at about seasonal averages last winter, and DeVore doesn't see much reason for a change this season.

Dean DeVore/Accuweather

A big question on the minds of just about every St. Louis commuter is how will snowfall totals be. DeVore forcasts St. Louis to be at or below average in terms of snowfall, which much of the precipitation hanging out in the northwest Rockies and in the southeast this season. Specifically, he's calling for 12-16 inches of snowfall for St. Louis this season. Even that would be higher than the past three winters, where St. Louisans dealt with 7.1 inches in 2017-18, 3.2 inches in 2016-17, and 10.9 inches in 2015-16.

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