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Wisconsin Company Gifts Firearms to Employees for Holiday Season

Would you accept a firearm as a gift from your employer?

November 14, 2018 - 11:47 am

HORTONVILLE, Wis. (KMOX) - A Wisconsin company called BenShot chose to give its employees firearms as a holiday gift this year.

The novelty glassware company is offering their employees a revolver as a gift for safety and work culture.

Co-owner Ben Wolfgram says, "For us, now, we have an entire armed staff. I think that's pretty good."

The father-son business started in 2015 in a small garage workshop in the village of about 3,000 residents, 100 miles northwest of Milwaukee, according to USA Today. The company produces glassware embedded with a bullet, as if it had been shot.

The business only has a staff of 16, and some of the employees have never handled a gun.

USA Today reports at least two employees initially declined the gift, but are considering accepting it after taking a gun-safety course that company executives required before giving the guns, Wolfgram said.