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Women of St. Louis Politics Weigh In On Greitens' Resignation

Mayor Lyda Krewson is responding to backlash over her initial comments.

May 30, 2018 - 9:31 am

ST. LOUIS (KMOX) - Mayor Lyda Krewson is responding to backlash over her initial comments related to the resignation of Gov. Eric Greitens. 

Krewson originally thanked Greitens for his service and said she knew it was a hard decision to step down. But after criticism, Krewson released a series of tweets saying she should have left civility at the door and said it's about time he resigned.

Senate Democratic Leader Gina Walsh also issued a statement on the resignation.

“Innocent people don’t resign and criminals don’t get let off the hook simply because they cut and run. Missourians deserve to know what laws were broken, what lies were told, and how deep the corruption went.”

Congresswoman Ann Wagner weighed in, saying:

“Governor Eric Greitens has made the right decision for his family and for the State of Missouri. Now is the time for us to move forward, and I have faith in our next Governor, Mike Parson, to lead us in the months and years to come.”

St. Louis state senator Jamilah Nasheed tells KMOX that Greitens’ legal troubles aren't over, yet.

“I truly believe that he knew the walls were caving in on him and that he had to do something immediately. I think that there may be some criminal charges, which is unfortunate,” she says.

Nasheed says the house committee investigating the governor could continue its work, and will submit their findings to the house, and likely the feds.