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Write-In Candidate Faces Off Against Nazi Congressional Hopeful

"I could not sit by and let that kind of thought prevail in my district,” Justin Hanson says.

August 13, 2018 - 9:01 am

ST. LOUIS (KMOX) - A literal Nazi running for Congress in Illinois is now facing at least one write-in challenger.

35-year-old Justin Hanson entered the race in northern Illinois' 3rd Congressional District, where incumbent Democrat Dan Lipinski faces Arthur Jones, a Holocaust denier who espouses white supremacist views.  

Illinois Republicans maintain Jones got the nomination because no Republicans wanted to run in a district drawn to heavily favor Democrats.

Hanson, a former Roy Blunt staffer, says he had to step up.

“He was really basking in the fact that he got those votes and emboldened his platform, and I could not sit by and let that kind of thought prevail in my district,” he says.  

Hanson, his wife and two volunteers are running the fledgling campaign, which has so far raised a few thousand dollars. He's running as an "independent moderate" and admits he's got an uphill battle, but he says people in his district should know they don't have to choose between a Democrat and a Nazi.

Hanson works full time and has two young children -- ages 3 and 1. He says he has no cylinders left to fire, but the he says it's worth it.

“In some other part of the country if someone sees our campaign, if they see that there’s a bad set of candidates out there, even like ours, if it inspires them to throw their hat in the ring if they have a good message, its gives people a little bit of hope and something believe in. Politics is ugly today, we don’t need people like Jones,” he says.