2018 Voice of Caring: Rx Outreach

September 01, 2018 - 12:00 am

Rx Outreach is the nation’s largest nonprofit, fully-licensed, mail-order pharmacy. Established in 2010 and headquartered in St. Louis, Rx Outreach provides nationwide access to low-cost medications for people battling both poverty and chronic disease, saving its patients more than $590 million as compared to retail pharmacies.

Many patients’ health conditions require multiple medications and without Rx Outreach, they would not be able to afford these costly prescriptions. There are no hidden fees and standard shipping is always free.

Transferring prescriptions to Rx Outreach is easy. Call at 888-RXO-1234 or visit www.RxOutreach.org.

In addition to the core mission of providing affordable medication, Rx Outreach has two community betterment programs that focus on creating healthier communities in Missouri.

• The Health and Wellness Outreach program provides free health education to underserved, low-income, minority seniors and Hispanic populations throughout the St. Louis region.

• The Healthy Transitions program provides medications at no cost to newly released ex-offenders to fill the “medication gap” that occurs between when a person is released from a Missouri prison and the time that they are able to get a new prescription order. The program has provided 17,335 prescriptions to 3,296 people since 2016.

For information on Rx Outreach’s medications, pricing, and enrollment, visit www.RxOutreach.org or call 888-RXO-1234 .