2019 Voice of Caring: Foster & Adoptive Care Coalition

April 03, 2019 - 9:50 am

In 1989, a pioneering group from all corners of child welfare formed the Foster & Adoptive Care Coalition. As the crack cocaine epidemic gripped our community, the founders of the Coalition saw children languish for years in foster care. They believed in a different future, one in which no child grew up without the love and support of a family. Today, with 30 years of experience in system change and grassroots advocacy, combined with undiminished passion, their vision remains "For Every Child...A Place To Call Home."

For the first time in decades, the number of children entering foster care is rising. This is a nationwide phenomenon caused by the opioid epidemic, and the St. Louis region is especially hard-hit. The city has seen an increase of 34% more children entering foster care in the last five years. Some children are born opioid-addicted, suffering many months of inconsolable agitation before reaching full withdrawal. Older children endure years of neglect in the family home, with one or both parents addicted to morphine, painkillers or heroin.

To address this crisis, two things are needed 1) additional homes for children impacted by the opioid epidemic; and 2) ramped up supports for those families to help meet these children's elevated needs.

Recognized by The New York Times and TIME Magazine for its work, The Foster & Adoptive Care Coalition has innovative and cost-effective solutions to ensure every child in our community grows and heals in a forever family.

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