Shred Day--spring cleaning AND protecting your identity with American Eagle Credit Union

Debbie Monterrey
April 30, 2019 - 4:17 pm

We are all aware of the pervasiveness of identity thefts. Experts are constantly giving us tips on how to keep our identities safe, but let's be honest--most of us are so busy with our daily lives, it's difficult to follow all the advice. Different, difficult passwords for every account, changed out regularly? Who can remember all of that? Do I really need to?

According to a 2018 Harris poll, nearly 60-million Americans have been affected by identity theft. About 15-million Americans have had their identities stolen. Often the financial loss suffered pales in comparison to the tedious journey of trying to reclaim your credit and figure out where else the "fake you" was spending. Sometimes, people have their credit ruined for years.

In our electronic world, your information can get hacked at any time (or so it seems) but many thieves still do it the old-fashioned way. Dumpster diving, stealing mail, stealing your wallet. 

Shredding documents with sensitive, personal information is something we must all do. When you're paying bills or looking at your bank statements, you just cannot throw that in the garbage. I have a paper shredder, but I usually end up collecting a pile of bills and bank information until I can't stand looking at it anymore, and then I task my kids with the tedious task of shredding it all. But ultimately, they get bored and rarely finish the job. Am I the only one who has thrown the remainder of the pile in the trash hoping a dumpster diver doesn't fish it out and use it for their own nefarious purposes?

Fortunately, there are shred days.

On Saturday, May 4th, American Eagle Credit Union is hosting a free shred day at four locations. Members can bring up to 5 boxes of paper to be ground into bits. Staples and paper clips are fine, but no metal clips, binders or plastic.

It's on a first come-first shredded basis. If you want to shred a piece of your past for catharsis, that's between you and the shredders.

American Eagle Credit Union takes identity theft very seriously. It's not just individuals who are affected by this epidemic, financial institutions are, too. 

If you miss this shred day, there will be more. If you have questions about other ways to protect your information, you can always contact American Eagle

KMOX and American Eagle Credit Union are proud to support initiatives like this throughout the greater St. Louis area as they celebrate 80 years of empowering their members. Stay tuned for more exciting events and activities with American Eagle Credit Union as we celebrate their #KindnessCounts campaign!