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REARDON: Casting Picks for 'The People v. Eric Greitens'

Mark Reardon
April 27, 2018 - 5:35 pm

We had a little fun on my show Friday afternoon, and decided it was time to cast the movie version of "The People v. Eric Greitens." Jane Dueker joined me to share her input, as well.

How'd we do?

Gov. Eric Greitens -- Chris Evans/Aaron Eckhart/Matt Damon/--Jane said Jamie Dornan or Jeremy Renner

Sheena Greitens -- Elizabeth Moss

KS (aka Witness No. 1 aka the Hair Stylist) -- Blake Lively/Mila Kunas/Emily Blunt

Ex-Husband -- Adam Levine (trust us)

Attorney General Josh Hawley -- John Krasinski/​Tom Cruise

Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner -- Tracee Ellis Ross/Taraji P. Henson/Kerri Washington

Investigator William Tisaby -- Sterling K. Brown

House Speaker Todd Richardson -- Bill Hader/Jim Caveziel

Senate Majority Leader Ron Richard -- Andy Griffith

Attorney Albert Watkins -- Jeff Goldblum (duh!) -- backups include Harry Shearer/Bob Odenkirk and Richard Belzer

Attorney Ed Dowd -- Richard Dreyfuss

Attorney Scott Rosenblum -- Alec Baldwin/Kevin Costner/John Slattery

Judge Rex Burlison -- Ted Danson OR John Slattery

Roy Temple -- Tom Hanks

St. Louis Post-Dispatch columnist Tony Messenger -- Kevin Dunn (see "Veep") or Wayne Knight from Seinfeld

Jane Dueker -- She wants Julia Louis-Dreyfus -- I say Pamela Adlon

Mark Reardon -- Christian Bale (I may or may not have cast myself, but this is the actor I most often get compared to, so I'm going with it)

KMOV reporter Lauren Trager -- Cecily Strong

Scott Faughn from The Missouri Times -- Kevin James