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REARDON: My Old House Might Be Haunted

Mark Reardon
October 19, 2018 - 3:39 pm

I’m not a huge believer in the supernatural. I do think there are things that happen sometimes that we can’t explain that probably have an explanation outside of ghosts and spirits. But then comes this. I received this email from a listener a couple of weeks back:

My good friend's parents bought #### #&#** in the Holly Hills neighborhood and they say you used to live in at one time. Well, they believe it is haunted. I was hoping that you would be able to tell us if anything weird ever happened in the house when you lived there.  

The father says that every night he hears what sounds like a tv turning on and off and a game show playing.  He said it started in the attic and now it seems to be in the basement.  His wife has also experienced items falling for no reason. 

Anyway it sounds creepy.  Maybe you could have them on your show sometime, especially since Halloween is coming up.  


That certainly got my attention so I responded that my wife and I never had anything remotely close to that in the seven years we lived in that house. I asked my kids too, and they said they never experienced anything out of the ordinary. But then I checked with my last tenant Rick, since I had leased that home out for a few years. Rick sent a text that said they used to hear footsteps upstairs.

What the what??!!

After responding to the original email the same listener sent a follow up:

Thanks for getting back to me. I would say that these people are very matter of fact, big sports fans, and they aren't ones to believe in this sort of thing.  

Apparently it still happens regularly where it sounds like an old television clicking and then goes to a muffled game show where the announcer says, "come on down" and they play some sort of game.  The father thought for sure that there was an old tv in the attic, but when they went up there the only thing that they found was a Tiffany bag with some bracelet in it.  They actually had someone do some kind of seance.  After that is when it apparently went from the attic to the basement.  


The folks who live in that house declined an opportunity to be interviewed and I really don’t blame them. I read those emails on the air this week and took calls for quite a few listeners who might very well have convinced me that some of these spooky things really do happen.

Then again, it is almost Halloween